Newspaper,  (WEB)-Publishing

Many newspapers and publishing houses are publishing  professional photos daily in their magazines, or (online) newspapers. These photos must be of highest quality, therefore they are optimized mostly in Adobes “Photoshop”.This process assumes a perfect connection between  the organizing tool and “Photoshop”., “StoreYA! Pics“ offer this connection saving time and money. “StoreYA! Pics“ is the ideal tool, if you want to combine your work with Adobes “Photoshop”. It is also helpful, that several editors can access the pictures in the repository simultaneously.

Therefore, “StoreYA! Pics Professional” is the perfect solution, because it stores the data on a central server in a real database of “MySQL”.


Photographers have the same task as newspapers or publishing houses. They may not lose the overall view on the large amount of photos, supplying clients the perfect picture. At this process, there is a need of saving a lot of money and time with a perfect interaction between the imaging tool, like Adobes “Photoshop”, and the photo organizing tool. “StoreYA! Pics” is the right tool, if you are looking for a such perfect interaction tool. You will be astonished.

Do you want to store several versions of a photo, after you have imaged  and optimized it? No problem ! With “StoreYA! Pics“ you can store many versions of a picture. “StoreYA! Pics“ is the first tool, that supplies this possibility. Of course, we have the leadership of the business offering such a function.

Another task of many photographers is to organize pictures for many clients. “StoreYA! Pics” is able to manage such clients in the shortest time. “StoreYA! Pics” is the first picture organizing tool, which offer their customer such a function .

If you are a photographer, whose task is to take portrait photos, you should  make use of “StoreYA! Pics”  built in calendar. You can manage your appointments  with time, location, names etc. When you import the photos to “StoreYA! Pics” the pictures are synchronized with the calendar, which leads to an automated keyword indexing.. You will see, that this function saves you a lot of time and work.

Sample for solution


During the development process of “StoreYA! Pics”, we put great emphasis on intuitive use and an easy work searching pictures. The result is a workflow, which works very easyly.

The tourism business has the task to find the right photos and pictures at the right time, without expensive handling courses for working on the organizing software.

“StoreYA! Pics“ saves time and money for expensive handling courses, because working with this tool is very easy.

Police, Military, Detectives, Rescue-Workers

„StoreYA! Pics“ uses a well-known  relational database, like “MySql” for storing photos and pictures. This database can be installed on several scalable servers, even on a mainframe.

‚‚StoreYA! Pics Professional“ is the right client server tool, if you want to archive scene of crime or forensic photos safely in a central database and if you need to find them quickly fast

Even complex queries searching for pictures are very easy to use.  The keyword indexing of “StoreYA! Pics” is very powerful, sophisticated and easy. You can also apply hierarchical categories.

Especially interesting are categories like ‚location’, ‚event’, ‚names’ and ‚action’.  „StoreYA! Pics“ is the first tool, which supports  combining  keywords with actions.

You will see. With it the photos will begin to live.  With the unique ability to manage many clients, it is possible to store the people without applying it in the keyword indexing.

Only “StoreYA! Pics” supports this feature and we are unique on the market.  If your camera supports recording GPS data, „StoreYA! Pics” can even show you the recording location.

Research, University,  Education

Especially in research and universities, well-documented photos are a part of a professional repertoire.

With “StoreYA! Pics” and its extensive keyword indexing possibilities, and its easy-to-use workflow, there is no problem describing such pictures.

Furthermore it is important to have the data stored centrally on a server or mainframe. “StoreYA! Pics” with the support of concurrency use and central database, satisfies such requirements very well.

If you work on presentations or arrange lectures, you will be astonished, how much time you can save using “StoreYA! Pics“  search functions. Time is money. Your students will thank them.

Sample for solution

Healthieness, Plastic-Surgeon, Hospitals, Pathologie

Especially this business needs exactly well-documented photos, which are added to the patient-file.

In cases like skin disease, pictures taken by plastic-surgeons, or photos from a microscope, have one thing in common: The documentation and archiving of these photos must be perfect.

For achieving the perfect documentation of these photos, “StoreYA! Pics” is the right tool. “StoreYA! Pics” with its sophisticated keyword indexing, helps storing the pictures in the right way and  finding and accessing them quickly when they are needed.

With the unique possibility to support many clients, you can identify patients without keyword indexing. “StoreYA! PIcs“ is thereby the first software, which offers such a feature to its customers.

Hospitals and other health facilities need a central located database and concurrency access to the pictures. Therefore, “StoreYA! Pics Professional” is the best solution.

Sample tooth health

Government, Museums , State Administrative

In this industry it is important  to store precious archived photos, pictures from exhibited items, like pictures or sculptures, in a central and very safe place. 

„StoreYA! Pics Professional“ gives you the possibility to install the database on a central server or mainframe, storing the pictures in a safe way. Its extensive sophisticated keyword indexing facilities, especially the ability to apply it hierarchically, guarantees a fast access to the pictures.

The tool supports an intuitive  workflow  and the handling of the search function is very easy. These features spare you a lot of time-consuming and expensive training.

Business, Marketing, Trading, Building, Experts, Architect and so on

Time is money! This is nowhere more important than in various companies.

Promotional flyers and advertisements must always be placed on the market in shorter intervals.

Here it is called as soon as possible to find product images and brand elements.

Thanks to „StoreYA! Pics Professional“ with its powerful search-function  such tasks lead to success.

With the sophisticated keyword indexing facilities you can describe the photos and pictures very well.

Architects and experts from the building need well documented pictures for proofing. In this case it is very important to use “StoreYA! Pics“ for organizing the big amount of pictures and photos, so that they could be found after several years.

Sample architects

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