Integration with image processing tools

Integration of image editing software, such as e.g. Adobe "Photoshop", "Lightroom", "Gimp" etc is an essential part of "StoreYA! Pics".

Particular attention was paid to a very easy to use import / export interface, with which the photo exchange is easily between applications. The interface automatically detects when a file was changed externally, and also shows the differences in the metadata to the original image.

The modified image is displayed next to the original image, so it is immediately recognizable how the photo has changed to the original image. When re-importing, you have the choice whether to create the modified image in the archive as a new version, or to overwrite the old one. For the following example, GIMP was used.

Import Export Schnittstelle

      Clear interface to image editing software


When reimporting, you can see at a glance whether metadata has been modified by the image processing program. The edited photo can be traced as a new version to the already existing image as well as to replace it.







Using the export interface, the photo is transferred to Photoshop / Lightroom / Gimp








From the image processing back, the changes can be compared to the original image. 

The transmission is carried out automatically.



Integration with Powerpoint, Word, etc.


You may also want to include one or other important image from your archive in your presentation or article.


Integration Powerpoint 

No export required. Use drag and drop and move thumbnail to the desired application. That is enough.


Drag and drop the image via the thumbnail into the desired application such as Powerpoint, Word, etc.

This will open the StoreYA! Pics 'Crop' dialog, which allows you to set the desired image size.





Embed the desired photos in presentations