Automatic Tagging of photos with the fotoshooting organizer from StoreYA!Pics

The photo reporter job can be quite stressful nowadays. Often, there is usually no longer enough time to store the photos with the required tags in the archive. In this case, "StoreYA! Pics" with its built-in organizer helps you save time and money.

In addition, the photos can also be evaluated by you in several stages. Your own reviews can be given for motif, section, sharpness and exposure. This is how you manage your own quality management. Of course, you can also search for these reviews.

Therefore "StoreYA!Pics Professional" is the best solution for the photographers.


GesundheitHealth, Dental Technology

 Treatments and refurbishments documented consistently (Before / After)

Nowadays, the image documentation is compulsory in the demanding dentistry, whether for the documentation of orthodontic or surgical treatments, or for forensic purposes, as well as for long-term documentation. In addition, she facilitates communication in the team with prosthetists, implantologists and dental technicians.

Such documentation in a dental practice is usually very extensive. In order to provide an overview of the finished image material, it is necessary to use a very powerful database for archiving. This should be used in practice so that an ideal workflow in the processing of the data, after the creation of the pictures, given. The already tight time resources are thus benefiting the patient.

Many manage their images in a folder structure or parallel by means of an x-ray software, which has the disadvantage that the images are difficult to find and a keyword-related search is often not possible. In addition, the X-ray software can be very slow due to the high amount of photos

„StoreYA!Pics Professional“ helps you with two solutions: On the one hand, you can provide your photos with unique keywords, for example. „Bon structure“, „Teleskoprosthesis“, „ Implantology“, „Zirconium“, etc.With such a consistent indexing of the images, individual recordings of tens of thousands are quickly and directly accessible immediately.

Or you can select your keywords before placing the photos, these will be automatically assigned to the image documents later.

ArchitektenArchitects, Construction engineers

Construction progress documented consitently with photos

In this way they have the proof photos ready at any time if there should be legal disputes with your clients.

VersicherungenInsurance, Experts

Document proofs with photos and store they safeley with StoreYA! Pics for many years.

With "StoreYA!Pics" you can create easily your own industry-specific tags.