Software Features

"StoreYA! Pics" is a modern high-performance image management system that allows you to manage your digital photos easily and unprecedentedly. Instead of keeping the data in a large file as usual, they are stored in a relational database called "MySQL". This ensures faster access to the images and the search for metadata is easier. All meta information such as EXIF, IPTC and XMP are of course supported. Unique in the market is the "StoreYA! Pics" built-in organizer that synchronizes and automatically captures captured photos.

„StoreYA! Pics“ is offered in two versions:


Fast database instead files

Unique duplicate detection based on image content

This feature was developed together with the "Technical University" of Vienna.The duplicates are already recognized at the beginning when importing into the view and possibly fetched from the database and displayed. This is the only way to reliably ensure that no duplicates are inadvertently entered into the image archive.


Multi-client capable

If you plan to manage images from different mandates, "StoreYA! Pics is the first choice. Whether you're looking at a lucrative business model, or simply managing photos of your friends or acquaintances, "StoreYA! Pics" ist the right software.


You want to map your saved photos to your clients? No problem! Also in this case, "StoreYA! Pics" is the right solution. As the only manufacturer we offer you the possibility to create client names without keyword tags. Clients, that can be patients, persons of various kinds. This method makes the search for photos faster, easier, and clearer.

Folders next to each other

In "StoreYA! Pics", the imported folders can be displayed in a parallel way. This makes it easier to group photos spread over more directories into one import name.

Paralelle Ordner

Version management for images

You can edit and optimize a photo with Adobe "Photoshop", and you may not be able to decide which version you want to archive, or you want to keep both versions - no problem, you simply import each version into a photo you want to archive.

Selecting a version in "StoreYA! Pics" is very simple:

You simply browse the versions in the thumbnails. You will be amazed how easy it is. (The right photo has been edited in brightness and imported again as new version 2)

         Version 1       Version 2

Workflow und GUI

An easy-to-use interface with clear processes is particularly important for you to work successfully. That is why "StoreYA!" Has special attention to an easy-to-use interface for "StoreYA! Pics ". Functions that are often used must therefore be easily applicable and easy to use.

The ingenious workflow of "StoreYA! Pics "with the sections" Import "," Categories "and" Search "with which you can easily navigate through the system help you keep the overview.

When you select, you select first which type of metadata (eg EXIF, IPTC, etc.) you want, then you can select the appropriate field from a list.

Scalable windows

All windows in "StoreYA! Pics "can be individually customized to size. This applies not only to windows, but also to the dialogues. The size adjustment of the preview image should be mentioned in this connection.

Skalierbare Fenster 

Category tags

A central part, which "StoreYA! Pics "is particularly easy to use, are the categories. Nowhere else can they be processed as simply and efficiently as in "StoreYA! Pics". You can create as many categories, even hierarchically, and assign them to multiple images at the same time. Unlike other vendors, the changing of associated terms in "StoreYA! Pics" is child-friendly and done in fractions of seconds. No matter how many photos have been tagged.

To see which categories are assigned to the images, just click on the name of the category. It's that easy. You can even link several categories together and see which photos are displayed as a result. This is an easy-to-use way to show the right cutting and combining quantities.

Outgoing of 8 basic categories, such as "event", "place", "person", "animal", "nature", "name", "thing" and "action" and the ability to group these categories hiarachically you can create any categories you want. A complete novelty in this area is the category "Action". Under this category, activities and actions are listed. These can then be related to the other categories. Example: "Sarah rides the horse". You will see, linking the categories will catch your photos to life.

Another unique feature in this area is the built-in organizer. With it you manage your appointments and assign it people, events and other categories. 

After importing the recorded photos, they are synchronized by the system with the organizer and automatically tagged.





RAW files

RAW formats from camera manufacturers such as "Nikon", "Canon", "Olympus", "Fuji", "Minolta", "Sony", "Leica", "Panasonic" and others are also supported in 'StoreYA! Pics".

Removeable media

In "StoreYA! Pics "the images can be imported directly from a removable media. To do this, the disk is checked for a unique identifier, and if there is none, it is assigned a custom. This is also stored in the database. This way, you can store the removable media safely.

EXIF data

"StoreYA! Pics" supports the complete EXIF 2.2 standard, as well as the proprietary camera manufacturer fields of Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus etc.

You can search for any kind of EXIF data, or display it on the thumbnails. In the import / export interface the metadata are marked, if these have been changed by an external application in comparison to the original.

In this way you keep track of changes.



GPS data

If your camera can record gps data, then "StoreYA! Pics" can process them and display the recorded locatian with google maps.


IPTC data

„StoreYA! Pics“ supports the international standard IPTC. All IPTC metadata can be easily edited in a property sheet. In the global settings, you determine which IPTC fields are of relevance to you, which are then marked as favorites in the editor.

So you always have everything under control and know exactly which data is important for you to edit. Of course, you can also search for it, sort, or display as an additional label on the thumbnails.




XMP data

Also to the previously mentioned metadata, the Adobe-defined XMP format is supported.Also the RAW settings of the camera manufacturers can be represented thereby.



User defined metadata

Data that can not be created as tagged keyword - such as numeric fields like age, size, or license counter etc. - are stored as free-defined metadata fields. Of course you can also search for them as you can search for standard metadata.

Photo search

In the development of "StoreYA! Pics ", special attention was paid to an easy-to-understand search for photos. The result can be seen: The user has four freely definable search boxes available. You can specify which type of metadata you are looking for in the system, such as features, categories, terms, EXIF, IPTC, etc.

By clicking on the search boxes, this results in an intersection of the selected fields. The search result is displayed in an output window. With the slider under the year time bar, you can also narrow down the search time.

For users who are familiar with database-like languages (SQL), the Query-Dialog provides the ideal search tool. The individual queries are linked with "and" or "or".





Listview with user definable columns

In addition to the thumbnail view, "StoreYA! Pics" offers a listview with user definable columns. These columns can also be sorted ascending, or descending.

Multi level image rating

"StoreYA! Pics "provides you with a multi-level image rating. This means that basically a distinction is made between a coarse and a fine rating. The fine-grained evaluation, however, is divided into further layers such as "cut-out", "sharpness", "exposure" and "motif". For all these, ratings can be awarded between one and five stars.

You can also specify ratings as a search criterion.




Import- / ExportInterface

We from StoreYA! have included other image processing programs in our administrative process in StoreYA! Pics. It is easy to import the photos to export and modify them again.

When importing, you can decide whether to replace the original photo version or add it as a new version. "StoreYA! Pics" monitors the import / export directory and recognizes when a file has been changed externally, and it shows red in the interface, if any metadata has been modified in this context.If any metadata has been modified in this context, this is also displayed with a call sign. You can keep the original metadata or replace it with the new ones. You can compare the two image versions side by side on the screen.


Export Schnittstelle



Multi platform capability

„StoreYA! Pics“ is available for

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 Bit version)
  • MAC OS, since version 10.5.4 (in progresst)
  • Linux (call us)


Additional features

Slide show, magnifying glass, brightness- and contrast filter, automatic face recognition, image correctioons, monitored directory, managing of camera datas, and much more....